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Our products

Precision 128 Spectral with Precise Tomographic Techniques

Precise  Profound  Preponderant
Penetrating  Professional  Prefect
Research in depth
Concentrate the mind

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Precision 32 spectral CT scanner

The inventive patent on precise tomography
The original spectral imaging technique
The independent R&D on CIW workstation

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Care-50 Digital Medical X-RAY Systemz

Precise imaging
Reliable quality
Creative value

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Campo imaging cloud

Campo Medical Imaging Diagnosis Center chains in China.
Authoritative expert team
Remote diagnosis and consultation of difficult cases

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About Campo Imaging

The innovator in China's high-end medical equipment field.

With our deep independent innovation, the company is engaged in research & development and production of high-end medical equipment such as CT etc.

Campo actively promotes high-end medical care and service to the people's livelihood with innovative technologies.

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